U87 P48 serial 31600 are new capsules available?
Author: Peter Knight
Date: 09/13/2013
I have purchased a second hand U87 P48 version

The serial number of the mic itself is 31600 and the serial number on the capsule is 26 04

The mic has to be used with a pop screen other wise it will die for a few seconds upon encountering a plosive and then return to normal operation. This happens on the rear capsule as well.

I am trying to work out if my mic has a K87 capsule (which I think it does, going off what I have read) . I rang the Authorized Neumann repair department here in Australia, and was told, that new capsules of the K87 variety are no longer manufactured or supplied by Neumann.

Is this the case?

What are people doing for replacement capsules?

I am also curious if the mic has been modified

here is a link to a photo of the internals

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1312 0658/IMG_0196.jpeg

and here is a link to the photo of the capsule

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1312 0658/IMG_0199-1%20copy.jpg

thanks in advance for any and all help with this

PS the mic sounds great, just wondering...... especially if K87s are rare and no longer made and thats what I need, I will keep an eye out and put one away.


Peter Knight