Help me with my NEUMANN TLM-103.
Author: Javier Vidagany Hernández
Date: 03/29/2014
I would like to ask you about two microphones NEUMANN TLM-103 that i've just bought of second hand; one of them come from USA (ebay.com) and the owner told me that the mic was 13 years old, more or less, but was in mint condition. And the other mic, i've bought to another spanish guy from a musical forum very popular here in Spain (www.hispasonic.com), this one told me that the mic was about 3 years old , more or less.

I have opened both mics to check the real conditions of them, and my surprise was when i saw that the mics (inside) were very diferent, and now i'm very care about it for it could be a false mic!!! So i would like to ask you about this thing... I've seen, in the oficial Neumann website , that the pictures of NEUMANN TLM-103 (inside) are similar to the USA mic that i've bought, but diferent to my other mic.

If anyone knows anything about it, i could send you pictures to show the mics, and if you could tell me any information will be very good for me !!!! I've tried that with the website of Neumman but i have no answer......

Please, if you could do it, tell me your email adress and i will send you the pictures !!!! REallly thanks !!!!

NEUMAN TLM-103 - Buyed in USA
SER. NO: 16974
Art.-Nr. 08430

NEUMAN TLM-103 ni Studio-Set - Buyed to an Spanish Owner
SER. NO: 60282
Prod.Code: 008545  
Javier Vidagany Hernández
Martin Schneider/Neumann