Problem with one of my 184 stereo pair mic
Author: pablo muņoz
Date: 05/05/2014
Hi, Im from Chile, I recently bought a brand new stereo pair of 184 in USA. The other day I was using them for a drums recording session and one of them starts to send less voltage than the other one, like if it has a 10 db pad or something like that, the sound still being OK, not noisy, but very small signal compared to the other 184 mic, like if it has a pad, like i said. I tested in several preamps and the results were the same. Any ideas about this? I read that sometimes 184 have some problems with some XLR connectors... but i haven't opened yet to see what can it be... Thanks in advance and sorry for the awefull english.  
pablo muņoz
Martin Schneider/Neumann