The Neumann Company

For decades, Neumann has been regarded worldwide as the standard-setting, leading manufacturer of studio microphones.

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Many products from the company’s history are considered milestones in professional audio technology. It is no coincidence that recording studios tend to place Neumann gear at the top of their equipment lists, as it is considered a sure sign of highly professional working methods.

The foundation of the company’s decades of success is an uncompromising quality-oriented approach to both the development and manufacture of its products. However, in the rare event that a service is required, Neumann.Berlin repairs all microphones, loudspeakers and headphones built after World War II – using original spare parts wherever possible. A service promise second to none.


All this gives the customer the certainty of acquiring a product with unsurpassed sound quality, reliability and lasting value, an investment that usually survives several generations of audio engineers. Although Neumann microphones certainly are not cheap, professionals know from their daily experience that they are worth the cost. Many owners of home recording studios also dream of having “a real Neumann” of their own.

In addition to countless audio engineers who use Neumann microphones in their studio productions, users include world-famous musicians. No matter what style or generation you prefer, to find users of these high-end products from Berlin the best approach is to begin simply by listing your own favorite musicians.


However, the company that was founded in Berlin in the year 1928 was also concerned for a long time with other technology in addition to microphones. The versatile inventive genius and pioneer Georg Neumann simultaneously developed phonograph record-cutting machines and rechargeable batteries. The technology of the latter remains the basis for today's omnipresent storage batteries.

For many years, the company also built highly customized sound production units for radio studios, theaters and concert halls. In the year 1991 Neumann became an important part of the Sennheiser Group.

Since 2010, Neumann offers this expertise in electro-acoustic transducer technologies to the studio monitoring market, and will provide optimum solutions to its customers in the areas of TV and radio broadcasting, recording, and audio productions.

The company headquarters, with the development, marketing, sales and service departments, continues to be located in Berlin, where the 75th anniversary of the company was celebrated in 2003 and the 80th anniversary in 2008.


As of a few years ago, manufacturing in ultraclean room conditions which meet the highest international standards is carried out in Wedemark, near Hannover. Despite all the progress in machines and production technology, manufacturing a high-quality microphone involved a great deal of handicraft, upon which the quality of these transducers and a reputation such as Neumann's ultimately depend.

To meet the operating conditions encountered in the studio the microphones are subject to testing throughout their manufacture. The capsules alone undergo more than 50 different tests before final assembly.

The next step

In early 2019, the first Neumann headphone celebrates its premiere. The Neumann NDH 20 closed-back headphone combines excellent isolation with the carefully balanced sound image and outstanding resolution you would expect from a Neumann product.

The Perfect Link

Created in collaboration with Merging Technologies and launched in 2023, the MT 48 audio interface is the perfect link between Neumann microphones, studio monitors and headphones, thus establishing reference quality throughout from the sound source to the ear. With a dynamic range of 136 dB (A), finest microphone preamps and headphone amplifiers as well as AES67 network capabilities and an intuitive touchscreen user interface, the MT 48 sets a new standard for desktop interfaces – and beyond.