Your personal studio is where your creativity comes alive. It is the perfect place for writing songs, creating beats and sounds, and trying new things. Often enough, demo recordings turn into full productions – and why not? With the right equipment, you can have professional quality even in a small bedroom studio.
Excellent monitoring is key: everything depends on how accurately you can hear what you are doing. Neumann’s DSP loudspeakers in combination with MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment ensure best possible sound quality in any room. In addition, the NDH line of headphones gives you reliable monitoring for recording, editing & mixing, even on the road. And of course, Neumann microphones are legendary for a reason! When it comes to capturing your vocal and instrumental performances, only the best microphones are good enough. 

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The Foley stage adds depth and realism to filmmaking – more than the viewer will ever know! Because Foley artists do their work best, when it goes unnoticed. Yet without their brilliant artistry many a movie would feel uncomfortable for all its awkward silences.
Having the right tools at your disposal facilitates this process and enhances the quality of the outcome. After all, any added sounds need to integrate perfectly with the on-set soundscape as well as the actors’ real or re-recorded dialogue. Neumann microphones are often used in all of those stages, so why not use Neumann mics in the Foley studio as well? Neumann condenser microphones offer industry-leading sound quality. Thanks to their enormous dynamic range they will capture anything from the faintest ticking of a clock to a thunderous crash – without unwanted hiss or distortion. More recently, Foley artists have been discovering the benefits of Neumann’s headphones. The closed-back NDH 20, in particular, offers excellent isolation combined with a balanced sound and high wearing comfort.

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Orchestral Recording

Recording an orchestra is one of the most demanding tasks – and also one of the most rewarding! Capturing the enormous dynamics from the most delicate pianissimo to the breathtaking thunder of a full orchestra requires deep knowledge, a musical ear, and passion for for excellence. As well as the right tools! 
Neumann microphones have played a major part in defining the sound of masterful recordings. The legendary M 50 and its modern counterparts, the M 150 Tube and the KMA + KK 133, have been used as main microphones on countless classical albums and film soundtracks, often in a Decca Tree configuration. Of course, Neumann also offers a comprehensive selection of spot mics for a perfect blend with increased definition. 
Accurate monitoring is just as important: Neumann’s DSP loudspeakers in combination with Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1 ensure reference sound – even in temporary control rooms when working on location. The NDH line of headphones were carefully developed to be sound compatible with Neumann loudspeakers and are thus indispensable tools for critical listening, editing, and mixing.

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Podcast is certainly the medium of the 21st century, combining the intimacy and immediacy of “good old radio” with the user-centric convenience of digital media.
Innovative podcast formats find large audiences for special interests by creating international communities. However, the competition is strong. Quality is what sets you apart, content-wise and also sound-wise. Neumann microphones have been the reference for more than 50 years. It’s the unique clarity we’ve grown up with, listening to our favorite records, DJs, audio books, and radio dramas. Another hallmark of successful podcasts is precise editing. Monitoring, therefore, should not be underrated. Using Neumann headphones and loudspeakers you can be sure your podcast sounds great on any playback device.

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Radio is arguably the most immediate medium, even today. From the very beginning, broadcast companies have relied on Neumann microphones in creating a high-class sonic personality for their programs.
Meanwhile, Neumann has launched a very successful line of dedicated broadcast microphones to address the specific needs of radio DJs, announcers, newscasters, talk show hosts, and all those who guide us through the day with their stories, good vibes, and the latest information. Neumann’s BCM series of microphones come with integrated shock mounts and pop filters suppressing unwanted noises right at the source. The unique shape is optimized for use with industry standard microphone boom arms. And the acoustic design is tailored for the human voice. Neumann’s BCM microphones have one goal: capturing emotion with perfection. Neumann headphones are the perfect complement, allowing you to hear every nuance of your own voice with superb clarity.


From the very beginning in 1928, Neumann has been among the prime outfitters for broadcast. Nearly a 100 years later, Neumann microphones are still considered the reference.
Meanwhile, the portfolio has grown to not only include dedicated broadcast microphones, but also industry leading monitoring solutions. A comprehensive selection of studio loudspeakers covers all applications and room sizes from small edit suites to large studios for immersive audio.
Additionally, Neumann’s hard/software solution Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1 ensures best possible sound in any environment – even in an OB van. In an acoustically treated studio, MA 1 still makes an audible improvement. Neumann’s studio headphones are sound compatible with a properly aligned KH-Line loudspeaker setup, making it possible to switch between monitoring systems with ease.

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Professional Recording

Recording studios are the Temples of Sound. It’s where legends are born. That’s why quality counts – at every stage. Studio owners around the globe have long trusted Neumann microphones to capture every nuance of their clients’ performances. 
In recent years, Neumann is also becoming a reference in studio monitoring. Neumann’s line of DSP-driven loudspeakers in combination with Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1 ensure highest accuracy for reliable sound and mixing decisions. The NDH line of headphones follows the same philosophy and gives you a beautifully balanced frequency response, very similar to a perfectly calibrated Neumann loudspeaker system. This allows you to easily switch between monitoring systems and work with the same confidence in what you are hearing.

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The voice is a complex instrument, and the human ear is finely tuned to detect its most delicate nuances. Spoken word and voice-over recordings are no easy task, neither for the performer, nor for the engineer. Attention to detail is paramount – as are the right tools.
Neumann microphones such as the all-time classic U 87 have become synonymous with that perfect, authoritative sound that ‘speaks to us’ – in audio books, radio drama, commercials, film dubbing, and much more.

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The stage is where music comes alive. PA systems have improved dramatically over the years, and audiences have come to expect a much higher standard. Neumann’s KMS vocal microphones offer studio grade sound combined with all the virtues of a stage microphone: excellent pop protection, low handling noise, enormous SPL capability, and high feedback resistance.
For instruments, the KM 180 series of small diaphragm condenser microphones have been the prime choice for many years. Our new MCM Miniature Clip Microphone offers similar quality in an even smaller format. It is a real game changer, especially for drums and acoustic instruments, allowing for a clean stage with fewer microphone stands while offering the pristine sound that made Neumann famous. For monitoring, we recommend the NDH 20, our closed-back headphone with a carefully balanced sound and excellent isolation.


Capturing an orchestra is a demanding task to begin with. Miking an orchestra live, with amplification, is an even greater challenge. Neumann’s new Miniature Clip Microphone (MCM) is a real game changer. It delivers true Neumann quality in a tiny, visually unobtrusive format. Yet the sound is big and beautifully balanced, with a full low-end and smooth highs – yet without the harshness typically associated with clip microphones. Thanks to its high dynamic range, the same capsule can be used for all instruments from very soft to extremely loud. Clever mounting solutions for a great variety of instruments ensure trouble-free operation. For monitoring, we recommend the NDH 20, our closed-back headphone with a very linear sound image and excellent isolation.