Sänger, Songschreiber und Produzent Josh Ramsay über das KM 184

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Josh Ramsay

josh ramsay

Josh Ramsy (Sänger, Songwriter, Produzent, Toningenieur, Schauspieler, und der Lead-Sänger der Pop-Rock-Band Marianas Trench.


“Neumann are some of the best mics on the planet. I'm fortunate enough to have some new and some vintage. For my own voice, I only ever use my vintage U 87. On our new album I used a great pair of KM 184s on a variety of things. Overheads and cymbals are obviously a classic use. But where I really enjoyed their sparkly and unique character, was on upright piano. Really brought it to life with a great rich top end without the abrasiveness that so often comes with small condensers. You end up with a rich and tight tone, that cuts through the mix in the perfect way. Also great on acoustic guitars too!“