Recording Vocals in Your Home Studio -  Part 1 - Recording Workshop

What to consider when setting up a monitor system?

Monitoring and Room Acoustics (4)

We follow our colleague Andrew Goldberg setting up our compact sound whopper KH 80 DSP when he visits the songwriters and composers of Haus 2000 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Follow us on YouTube for more Videos!


Concept: Christian Kolletzki/torius GmbH, Andrew Goldberg/Neumann, Andreas Sablotny/Neumann
Director: Christian Kolletzki
Camera, D.o.p.: Olaf Markmann, Johannes Heine, Florian Stege
Camera Assistants: Florian Hoff, Maximilian Meyer
Sound Engineers: Hagen Wächter, Sebastian Schmitz/Neumann
Light: Marco Minwegen, Magnus Unverricht, Yann Leymann
Recording & Mix Engineer: Dirk Austen
Team Haus 2000: Christian Raab, David Oesterling, Marius Groh, Kris Karsai


Song „Flashlight“ with kind permission from David Oesterling, Emelie Sederholm