Recording Vocals in Your Home Studio -  Part 1 - Recording Workshop

The Neumann.Control App for iPad®

Monitoring and Room Acoustics (5)


The Neumann.Control App opens up the full potential of the KH 80 DSP studio monitor. Via standard IP networking, Neumann.Control gives full access to many functions not already available via the back panel of the KH 80 DSP. Systems of loudspeakers can be defined, from mono to 3D, aligned for a good in-room sound, and then operated centrally.


Our colleague Andrew Goldberg gives you an interesting overview of the features and capabilities of the software.


Concept: Christian Kolletzki/torius GmbH, Andrew Goldberg/Neumann, Andreas Sablotny/Neumann 

Director: Christian Kolletzki 

Camera: Patrice Kunte

Camera Assistant: Jonas Bentrup

Mix Engineer: Malte Lahrman

Voice Over Recordings: Christian Schneider, Dynamic Audio, Berlin

Location: Haus 2000, Berlin

Song „Flashlight“ with kind permission from David Oesterling, Emelie Sederholm


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