Neumann’s Pledge to Sustainability & Circular Economy

At Neumann, durability and longevity are embedded in our DNA. We develop products that get handed on from generation to generation. That’s why Neumann’s service knows no expiration date: We offer maintenance and repair for all our microphones, loudspeakers and headphones made since 1947, using original spare parts wherever possible. Neumann products are thus a lifetime investment that – with proper care – may even increase in value.

For customers who nevertheless wish to part with their Neumann product, we offer to take it back free of cost, starting in 2023. In cases of sought-after vintage microphones, we may even offer to buy them back for refurbishment or extraction of original spare parts, giving yet another generation the chance to enjoy a legendary Neumann product.

For new products, we are constantly striving to further reduce our ecological footprint. We foster the utilization of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled metals and paper packaging. We also care about energy efficiency in use, e.g. by implementing auto-standby in our new studio monitors.

Neumann not only stands for absolute precision and dedication – we take responsibility for our past, present and future.