Active Capsule

AK 20

Pressure gradient transducer with figure-8 characteristic

AK 20
AK 20

Active Capsule AK 20

AK... active capsules are part of the former Neumann KM 100 miniature microphone system. Together with the KM 100 output stage AK... active capsules form a complete microphone. AK 30 and KM 100, for example, make up the KM 130.

AK 20 is a pressure gradient transducer with the figure-8 characteristic, realized with a single diaphragm. The diaphragm diameter is just 16 mm. All sound field components reach the diaphragm directly. This results in identical frequency response curves and output levels at 0° and 180° sound incidence. Corresponding accessories allow combining the AK 20 with other active capsules or microphones to obtain an MS-Stereo setup.

AK 20

Color black

CAT. NO. 071659

  • AK 20 Active Capsule
  • Wooden Box

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