Made to Order


Neumann’s Made To Order Team helps you with anything beyond the regular portfolio: custom designs and special editions for individuals, organizations or dealers. Choose from a wide variety of finishes; add engravings or your own logo and much more.

MTO also offers selection services of two or more microphones for exact stereo pairs, Decca tree and immersive setups.

In addition, the MTO team recreates select vintage classics from Neumann’s long history by hand-building them from existing spare parts.


Over the years, Neumann’s MTO Team has created numerous special editions with distinctive looks. We will realize your design ideas!

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MTO customization is not limited to microphones. Headphones and studio monitors, too, can be orderd in non-standard colors and surface treatments.

A recent example is the Black Edition of our studio headphone NDH 20. The NDH 20 Black was originally issued as an MTO product and became so popular that Neumann decided to make it a permanent addition to the portfolio.


MTO Customization offers a wide selection of finishes:

  • Galvanic surface treatment with various metals such as gold, white gold, rose gold, palladium rhodium, white rhodium, nickel, each in gloss or matte - please let our experts advise you.
  • Paint finishes in any RAL color, e.g. Piano Black, Glossy White, Sigal Gray, Gray Aluminum, Reseda Green, Pigeon Blue, each in gloss or matte. Nextel paint finishes in various shades of gray are also possible.
  • Engravings, e.g. the name of your company or recording studio, personal names, special engravings for limited editions, and much more. Engravings are made with a high precision laser system.

Your own logo can be applied, too. Please note that the Neumann diamond will always be on the microphone, and its color cannot be selected by the customer. The logo color reflects the circuit design used: black for tube microphones, purple for solid state microphones with output transformer, red for solid state microphones with transformerless output, green for dynamic microphones.

MTO Customization service is open to external requests, be it small series for large dealers or unique designs for individual customers. MTO Customization is available for Neumann microphones, headphones, and loudspeakers. Do not hesitate to ask your Neumann dealer/sales partner or use our contact form!




MTO offers matching service for two or more microphones to create exact stereo pairs, Decca trees, or immersive arrays for even the most crucial applications. Please note that MTO Selection Service not only comprises microphone sensitivity but the entire frequency response, as measured in Neumann’s anechoic chamber.

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