The KH 80 DSP and the Neumann.Control iPad® app


The iPad® connects to the KH 80 DSP via a standard IP network with an Ethernet cable between the router and the monitors. In a 2.0 stereo configuration with the KH 750 DSP subwoofer its audio outputs are directly connected to the KH 80 DSP monitors.

The system offers the following functions in the setup/adjustment phase:

1, 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 monitors
Identifiction of all monitors in the network.
Adjustment of standby time, standby level, system delay (lip sync) and logo brightness

  • Guided Alignment – a patented process where you are asked simple questions about the room and the loudspeaker position, the app adjusts the response of each loudspeaker (and the subwoofer) accordingly.
  • Manual Alignment – expert users have complete freedom to adjust an 8-band fully parametric equalizer, levels and the time-of-flight delay in each loudspeaker as they wish. Manual Alignment can also be used to edit Guided Alignments in a more detailed way.

After setup, the iPad® can be removed if necessary; the settings are permanently stored in the monitors.

During operation, the iPad® offers:

  • Switching between different setups and alignments
  • Volume control, saving and recalling volume presets
  • Dim, Solo, Mute, Mute all
  • Standby level/time
  • Logo brightness

System requirements: iPad® with iOS® 10 or newer