Pattern Control Unit


Pattern Control Unit for operating The M 49 V and all vintage Neumann microphones utilizing the AC 701 tube.


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This classical pattern control unit contains a mains transformer. It automatically switches between the 100-120 V and 220-240 V ac mains voltage ranges.

In the OFF position the NM V draws no current.

To ensure a long life, the tube is heated up gently, with current limiting. A very effective filtering inside the NM V ensures very high-quality operating voltages, with a minimum of residual noise voltages.

Note: The new NM V is suitable in principle for operating all vintage Neumann microphones utilizing the AC 701 tube, such as the older M 49 and M 249.

Older devices as N 52 (a, h) and NN 48 (a, b, h) are not suitable for operating the M 49 V, due to their current and voltage limitations.

##Operation with Unbalanced Inputs At the pattern control unit, the audio signal isavailable at a balanced, floating XLR 3 output. The output is wired as per IEC 60268-12 and IEC 61938:

Pin 1: 0 V/ground Pin 2: audio signal (+phase) Pin 3: audio signal (–phase)

So pin 2 is the “hot phase”, pin 3 must be connected to ground when used with unbalanced inputs


Color black

CAT. NO. 008687

  • NM V Pattern Control Unit

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