Active Capsule

AK 31

Free-field equalized pressure transducer

AK 31
AK 31

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Active Capsule AK 31

AK... active capsules are part of the former Neumann KM 100 miniature microphone system. Together with the KM 100 output stage AK... active capsules form a complete microphone. AK 30 and KM 100, for example, make up the KM 130.

AK 31 is a free-field equalized pressure transducer. The sensitivity in the free sound field is flat up to 20 kHz. In the diffuse sound field there is a roll-off above 5 kHz.

AK 31

Couleur black

CAT. NON. 069002

  • Active Capsule AK 31
  • Wooden Box

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