WNS 110

Windscreen made out of open-cell polyurethane foam

WNS 110
WNS 110

Windscreen WNS 110

Close range sounds, wind, and fast movements of the microphone boom, all may cause interfering noises. To avoid these unwanted sounds, windscreen accessories are available.

Typically, they are made out of open-cell polyurethane foam. These windscreens do not cause interfering resonances and do not influence the directional pattern. Only in the upper frequency range is the output level slightly attenuated. The wind noise attenuation was measured without electrical filtering in a turbulent air stream traveling at 20 km/h, generated by a noiseless wind machine. Acoustically transparent wind and pop protection with improved efficiency.

Wind noise attenuation 21 dB. Attenuation at 15 kHz 1 dB. Ø 45 mm, length 70 mm. Color black.

WNS 110

Color black

CAT. NO. 008535

  • WNS 110 Windscreen

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